Match Maker

The other day I went to my friendly local optometrist to get an eye exam.  It had been about four years since I had my last one. I think I was due.

The doc was an interesting fellow who had moved here from eastern Europe several years previously. He was a budding author who was writing a science fiction book. The invariable question came from this stranger.  What do I do for a living?

Normally, I try to keep that bit of information to myself.  I don’t want people to act strangely around me.  Sometimes, they act like the young man on the golf course who after playing with me for nine holes finally found out that I was a pastor.

At that point, he spent the next four holes apologizing for things he might have said.  I try to keep people from that pain and have a “normal” conversation.

Once he discovered that I was a pastor, the conversation decisively turned toward faith. He seemed to be genuinely interested in what I stood for.  One of the interesting ways he associated with my profession was the word “romantic.”

I never thought of it that way, but he has a point. In a strange way, I am a match maker.  I try to help people get involved in a deep relationship with God.  I perceive God as the great romancer.  He is “wooing” people to himself and a big part of my job is to help them make the connection and deepen that connection every day.

I guess it is pretty romantic once I give it some thought. I may need to get some new business cards with big hearts on them…

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