Mesquite lessons

We have the remnants of a Mesquite tree in our front yard. The wind and rain created a leaner out of our tree. We had two options: we could pull it back up straight with the help of a truck and reattach wires to a couple of poles to stabilize the tree.  Or, we could hack it down.

My wife determined that she was not a huge fan of this brand of tree.  Or, more accurately, she was not a fan of the leaves that fell from this tree. She does not like “shedders.”

So, I began the process today of taking down the tree. I can tell you that it was not easy. Lots of branches and lots of heat. I was definitely drained by the time the day was over. And unfortunately, the tree project is not complete since I didn’t have all the correct tools today.  So, the tree still stands, sort of … it looks more like some wood sticking out of the ground.

Mesquite trees work in the desert since they are resistant to drought.  They have a long taproot that can go deep to the water table. Mesquites grow fast and their foliage can quickly develop.

Since I am unfamiliar with the Mesquite, I didn’t realize that you need to prune inside the branches not just on the edges. The root system is not able to grip the shallow soil and wall-ah “the leaning tower of Davey.”

This whole idea of pruning is something Jesus talks about in John’s gospel. He talks about our lives needing pruning. We need to take care of stuff in our lives that holds us back. We got to get the clippers out occasionally.

The Mesquite teaches me that pruning needs to happen on the inside of our lives not just the edges. We may look really good on the outside but the tough winds of life can knock us over without it.


  1. Dereck

    At first glance of your post I thought it said “Mosquito” and thought this will be interesting. It is nice hearing about your struggle with the tree-can you post pics?

  2. Michelle

    Pruning is a very important part of life, but oh so very painful. Sometimes, God prunes us by removing the people in our life who are bad for us. Sometimes, we have to prune ourselves in order to get rid of the junk that fills our mind or our time. Either way, it’s a difficult and sometimes very painful process. But, like the rose bush, we only have so much nutrients to give a rose. If we try to nuture 2 roses, both of them will suffer. But if you prune back 1 of the roses, the one left will flourish.

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