Parking in the Shade

Shade.  It is something I am realizing is very important out here in the Arizona sun. Long term residents have figured this out and naturally look for the shade.  They have learned something that I am still discovering:  it’s important to park in the shade.

When they are in golf carts, they will move the carts a few more feet to gain that shade in a tree.  Or, when parking their car, they will survey the lot and park a little farther out just to find that shade.

And when all else fails, they will grab a windshield shade and strategically place it before heading inside.  When the temperature is topping out at 110 or above, you need all the shade you can get.  I can be a tree, an umbrella, or someone else’s body.  Regardless, you got to find some shade.

In my life, I have had plenty of people who have provided shade for me.  First, it was my mom and dad.  Then, my brother and two sisters.  Next, came my wife and my kids.  Then, there have been friends and mentors and others who have provided a break from the “heat” of life.

Think about it.  Think of those who have been there for you when you needed that word of encouragement or that safe place to go when things are tough.  We all need some shade in our lives.  So, we have to go find it, no matter what… even if it means driving a few more feet in order to get there!

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