Picture perfect?

Well, its finally over!  After months of speculation and heavy scrutiny, the inevitable end has come. Tiger and Elin are officially divorced!  It of course what everyone expected. No one believed that they could come back from Tiger’s infidelities, apparently not even the couple themselves.

I have to say, the whole thing saddens me. I hate to see what happened between the two of them. I hate to see the choices Tiger made. I hate to see the pain that has been inflicted. I hate to see how two little kids will be affected by mommy and daddy not living together.

On paper, it probably was viewed as a magical marriage when they first married in 2006. Tiger is probably the most recognized man on the planet. He is talented, wealthy, and good looking and makes mega millions in endorsements each year. Elin is a beautiful former model from Sweden who loves kids, served as a nanny for a time and originally hoped to become a child psychologist.

Pictures make it look as if they are poster kids for the ideal.  Tall, dark and handsome meets tall, blond and shapely. But pictures are often deceiving.  The American ideal is not always a formula for success.

Unfortunately, that is true for many relationships. What we see from the outside is not always what is true on the inside. We have all seen marriages we thought were “divorce proof” end.  We have all seen people we thought were a perfect match walk away from the other.

Why? I think it is because pictures are just that, snapshots. They capture an isolated image instead of giving a “real by real” look. We can all smile at the camera when needed.  It is a different story to really live the picture. In other words, the truer glimpse of the actual marriage are the impromptu shots.  Those are times when we are alone or don’t think people are looking.

We have to work on our marriages, cherishing the other person, refusing to take the other for granted, and refusing to live a secret life. It means vulnerability and transparency by both persons. It requires a kind of mutual love that God demonstrates for us. We have to fight like crazy for the relationship and stay committed to the other no matter what. It requires both persons telling the truth to themselves and to the other.

We are told that a picture is worth a thousand words.  If that is true, then a thousand pictures is worth a million words. Let’s make sure all of those pictures add up to a true relationship!

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