I pulled into the gas station this evening since I heard that little bell go off indicating I was low on gas.  I went to the pump and discovered that the premium gas was not available.  No problem.  I always use the regular gas in my car.  I don’t think it could stand the high dollar stuff.

I placed my debit card in the designated slot and entered my number. Everything seemed to be going normally. Ready to pump some gas.  When I reached for the pump however, all I found was a hose. The pump was totally missing  It is impossible to pump  fuel into your car without a pump.

In fact, it is hard to do quite a few things without a pump.  Without the pump on a water hose for instance, it is difficult to push water quickly through a hose.  Without a pump on a well, it is difficult to get water… period! Without a pump on my hand lotion, it is challenging to get the lotion from the bottle to my hand.

Without a pump on an oil rig, it is tough to get right amount of oil from the ground to our refineries.  And as we found out the hard way in the gulf of Mexico, when the pump is blown, oil will flow unrestrained.

Pumps are great instruments that help needed substances get from where they can do little good to where they can do great good. Or, they control the flow of those substances in order to regulate how much fluids are flowing from place to place.

There are people who are very much like pumps in our lives. They help get needed resources to us when we need them the most. They “pump us up” when we are feeling down.  It is critical that we all find pumps! Otherwise, we will never get to where we need to go!

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