My wife helped me purchase some jeans and a couple of shirts tonight.  I don’t know why but I tend to need her help when it comes to fashion. Somehow, I missed the gene that was given out to help people with those kinds of selections.

My main concern is generally cost. Then, comes convenience and finally there is the whole idea of fashion. Tonight didn’t change. We had huge discounts before we made the purchase and I appreciate how easy it was to make the purchases. But, if it wasn’t for Mary, I would just buy something that seemed good but had no style whatsoever.

Style on a budget is the name of my game. I will never be placed in GQ or some mag like that.  I will never purchase $500 suits (actually, I am not so keen at buying any suits regardless of the cost).  I am the kind of guy who  prefers old jeans and T-shirts and flip flops after all.  When I was a kid, I remembered my favorite shirts had multiple holes in them.  I loved those shirts!

Without Mary, I would make tons of faux pas. Again, remember that I am less concerned about style but I don’t want to be a total social reject.

I am still more concerned with cost more than anything. They are only clothes after all. There are plenty of folks in the world who struggle just to have one pair of shoes. When I remember that, it keeps it all in perspective.


  1. Chuck

    Does that mean that from now on you won’t be wearing your three piece suite, white shirt and tie on Sunday morning? Bummer. And you always looked so stylish. “It is what it is.”

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