I am sitting here writing without the aid of my normal eye glasses. I lost one of the lenses from my normal prescription glasses which disrupted my normal plan today.

Thankfully, I have a back up pair.  Unfortunately, I have one lens missing from those glasses as well. And, it is the same side of the other pair so there is no mixing and matching.

But, thankfully, I have a pair of readers. Unfortunately, those glasses are missing one of side of the frames.  They work but it feels like I am a bit cockeyed. Thankfully, I have a back up pair of readers. Unfortunately, those are old and cloudy and look like pop bottles.

So, I am only guessing at what I am writing tonight. Hopefully, something makes sense. Here’s the thing. When you are trying to catch a vision for things, you are going to face obstacles. You can have all the backup plans in the world but eventually, you have to go for it even if you have to squint or look silly or ask for help.

Tomorrow, I get some new glasses. Today, I had to make do with what I had. But, the day didn’t stop. I kept moving. Obstacles happen. You have to stay focused on your goal even when the goal seems a bit fuzzy.

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