I was getting out of my car near Sears late this afternoon when a large gust of wind kicked up. It took a piece of paper that was in my door out of my car and hurled it across the parking lot. I decided to try to track it down since I was uncertain if the paper was important and I didn’t want to trash the lot.

It turns out the piece of paper was just junk. But, watching all of this happen reminded me of the power of wind. Sometimes wind can be gentle like a light breeze that cools us off on a hot day. Other times it can be like this powerhouse that nearly blows us away.

I have seen wind powerful enough to take down a tree or even destroy a home. I have also used the wind to help a kite stay in the air or help a boat move across the water. Blowing wind through our mouths can allow us to whistle at our spouse or blow up a balloon.

Wind is basically just air in motion.  Without motion, it is just dead air. It can’t cause any kind of positive action.  It can’t create soothe us or stir us or spur us.

It is always interesting to me that the word in the Bible for wind is the same word for Spirit and the same word for breath. The breath of God is the wind we need to get moving. The Spirit is not able to do anything in our lives if we refuse to allow Him to move.  It is just dead air.

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