I don’t have my appendix. I lost it sometime in the 90’s. I am pretty sure that I will never find it again. I often wonder what it was for and why it became dispensable. I am sure there was a legitimate reason God created appendixes but I am not sure what it is.

When it came right down to it, I ended up needing to get rid of it or die. Pretty much a no brainer.  There are other things that you can live without like your tonsils, a kidney, and a few other body parts. It would be better if we could keep those items but they also are not necessary for life. And sometimes they get infected and actually can harm us big time.

There are some things that happen in life when you realize that you got to get rid of something to gain something else. In some cases, if you don’t get rid of some things you will actually suffer.

The key is you have to remember what the real goal is. As someone once said, “It is better to limp into heaven without a foot than to arrive in the other place fully ‘limbed'” or something like that.

I think the point is we need to be willing to count the cost and determine to get rid of even stuff that may seem necessary if it gets in the way of things that really matter. Tough choice. But, consider the alternative.

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