Defeat snatched from the jaws of victory!

The last play!  I couldn’t believe it. I was so speechless last night that I couldn’t bear to talk about it. My team went down in flames in one last horrendous mistake.

Of course, I am talking about the Cowboys, Big D, the team I have supported since I was 12 years old.  I have followed them through the good years and the lean years.  I have stayed faithful to them even when they crushed my heart!

So, last night was the start to their season. It was a game on paper that they should win. They were not home which made the task a bit tougher but they were playing the lowly Washington Redskins that hadn’t beaten them in six previous attempts.

This was the new beginning with new hope. This was the year to be Super Bowl champs!  It can still happen but the road got a whole lot rougher.  All night long, the Boys made mistake after mistake. Their defense played admirably.  Their offense forgot to show up for much of the game.

But, in the final seconds, in fact the final play of the game, they still had a chance. They were on the 12 yard line and had time for one last gasp. So, Tony took the ball from center, weaved away from one would be tackler and found his receiver Roy in the end zone. Touchdown!  Victory!  Or, at least it was for about 5 seconds.

Then, we saw the yellow handkerchief laying on the ground. Penalty!  Bonehead move of the year by their backup right tackle who literally didn’t block his guy but did manage to grab him and dance with him for a few seconds.  “Dancing” like that, otherwise known as “holding” is reserved for the dance floor; not football!

So, I went from exhilaration to defeat in the matter of the length of a few heartbeats. Tough!

Does that feel a little like real life? You know what I am talking about?  It is when we can go from the highest high to the lowest low in the matter of seconds. We can be on top of the world and then one big mistake and we slide down in defeat.

You can even feel like you have learned from past mistakes and yet you seem to keep committing those destructive “penalties” that do you in. You go ten yards forward but then move back five. How do we avoid the cycle?

First of all, mistakes don’t have to be fatal. In life, unlike football, we have someone who can wipe away all the past mistakes in one fluid move. All the defeats can we swallowed up in victory. How? Simply fall on His grace.

As to that one nameless tackle on Dallas’ team. I hope he gets another chance… on a different team!

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