Don’t eat and drive!

I tried to eat a chicken burrito while driving my car today. Not a good idea. I was driven by hunger. After playing 18 holes of golf, I finished about 3 p.m. and hadn’t eaten since breakfast. I tried to wait till I got home to eat the burrito but I was overwhelmed by the smell. I had to have it!

I ended up with sauce all over my shirt and cheese on my shorts. It got me to thinking about the kinds of food you shouldn’t eat while trying to drive a car. Here are my list of things I have eaten in the car: ┬áHamburgers, fries, hot dogs, pizza, sub sandwiches, leftover chicken legs, tacos, peanut butter and jelly sandwiches, chips, popcorn and all kinds of desserts.

So, what are the worse things to eat in the car: I have kind of ranked the top 5 from worse to best. Give me your feedback to see if you agree. You might have a different list.

No. 1 worse thing to eat in the car: Sloppy Joe’s — this needs no explanation; No. 2 worse thing are tacos, the ones with hard shells – you might as well dump all the stuffing on your lap from the beginning; No. 3 is anything with ketchup- bad news; No. 4 are ice cream cones in the middle of the desert especially; No. 5 would be leftover spaghetti.

So, what does this have to do with anything? It is a reminder to me how difficult it is to do two or more things at one time and do them well. It is hard to focus on something as important as driving and try to eat for instance. You can’t do both things well.

I tend to do that with even more important stuff like talking with my friends and family. I may be watching TV or doing something else while trying to supposedly listen to my loved ones. Focus is critical when it comes to things that are high priority. If we forget that, we will have a mess on our hands.

We may get away with it when it comes to driving but even then, we will have occasional reminders of the mess we can make when our attention is divided.

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