Don’t just get there

We drove all over Phoenix today!  I wanted to show my kids the sites so we went to Old Town Scottsdale, Camelback Mountain,  the infamous Chino Bandido’s, and finally to my wife’s school in south Glendale. Over half of our time was spent in the car just getting to our destinations.

Here’s the thing:  Life is more than the destination.  I remembered that the other day when things didn’t go as planned as we traveled north and it was reemphasized in my mind today.

Sure, its great to go to Chinos for instance and eat some great mexican/chinese food mixed in with some added Jamaican flavor. Sure, getting there was important.  I love to eat at this crazy place with its unique offerings.  Actually, I love to eat just about anywhere.

But, it wasn’t the arrival that was important. It was the journey getting there.  The journey of spending time with my children. We could have been anywhere as long as we were together.  Getting there is fun and I am pretty focused guy on the target. But, I am learning to simply breathe the moments!

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