Fifteen years of futility ended tonight! The baseball team I have pulled for the last 35 years or so made the playoffs again. It is tough to wait for this long and finally see it become reality once more.  The Big Red machine is back!  Alright, its not Joe Morgan and Pete Rose and Johnny Bench and Ken Griffey (senior not junior) but they it is pretty cool to see Cincinnati make it back.

I am excited to see my team back in the playoffs.  Sorry, Cubs fans.  Your time will come. Maybe it will happen in the next century. Anyway, back to my team.  I am not sure how far the Reds will make it in the playoffs but at least they are there for the time being.

I am also psyched that the Cowboys won a game this season! Otherwise, I would have to go down to Dallas and personally have a conversation with the coach and owner. I was ready for any way to kick start the Boys. It is definitely a love/hate relationship with my teams!

Fans. They are crazy, aren’t they? We stick with our teams through thick and thin. We may complain the whole time and constantly will yell at the screen when they blow it. But we stick with them.  Why do we do this?

I think it has to do with some kind of weird loyalty. We get connected to them when we are young and its hard to walk away from them later in life. They may let us down from time to time (or for years. Sorry Cubs fans again!) But, at the same time, we can’t walk away. We may add other teams to our support list but they will never compare to our “first loves.”

Loyalty can be a very good thing. It may be a little over the top with our athletic teams. But, with our friends and family, it is something pretty cool. Don’t let them down. Believe the best for them. Hang on even when they drive you crazy. After all, they aren’t the Cubs. :)

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