Fix your divots!

I went golfing yesterday with some old friends in Kansas City. It was a great afternoon although it took awhile to finish the round due to heavy traffic; they know in KC that good days for golf will become less frequent as they move toward the fall.

Before the round, I went into the golf course locker room to, uh… do stuff you do in locker rooms. While there, I saw a note that implored folks to fix their divots. Divots are chunks of earth that have had the grass removed by virtue of the golf club action when a player swings.

Underneath this plea, there were reasons presented for this action. They explained that if the divot was replaced or fixed with a simple tool that would take the player ten seconds, it would mean significant difference for the grass on the course.

If the divot was addressed within a few minutes of its creation, it would take a mere 24 hours for it to become normalized again. If however, the divot was ignored for only an hour, it would create an ugly scar that would take at least 15 days for the grass to grow again.

I thought about how true that is in terms of our lives. If we address stuff that happens to us quickly, we can quickly see our lives heal. If we bury stuff or fail to address things, especially hurts, they tend to leave scars that can take years to find healing.

Some of us ignore the negative situation or the broken relationship or the poor choice or the pain incurred by others or the bad habit and hope it will just go away on its own.  It won’t.  The sooner we deal with it, the better. Take care of it. Don’t wait till it becomes something deeper.

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