I took a plane trip to KC yesterday for our former church’s 25th anniversary.  It was a wonderful celebration last night by the way.  Great to see old friends and great to see new vision for the next 25!

On the way here, I noticed as we were landing a fly in the plane.  I don’t know why exactly but that struck me as pretty strange.  I started thinking about how that fly must feel trapped in this giant bird. I wondered if they felt giddy flying at 35,000 feet. I started realized that flies normally only fly a few feet off the ground.  Was the fly mesmerized by this new height? Would life ever be the same again?  Would he or she (not sure about fly anatomy) going to take another flight on that “big bird” again?

Then, I realized that I had just taken flight on that same plane. I know I am a whole lot bigger than a fly but still I am pretty small when compared with the hugeness of flying at a plane at such a height. I don’t why it doesn’t fascinate me any more. Why do I fail to look at the clouds with a sense of awe? Maybe, it has become commonplace.  I don’t know.

I guess I want to be more like the fly. I want to go to great heights in my attempts to explore life. I want to be amazed as I see the incredible world outside my window.  I want to go beyond my limits and try things that don’t seem possible.  I want to go for it!  What about you?  Join the “fly” world!

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