Funerals and life

I went to my uncle’s funeral yesterday. Since we have moved to the valley, we have had an opportunity to get closer to my uncle and aunt’s family. We haven’t really seen them for maybe 11 years, since my mom’s funeral.

Funerals are things you grow accustomed to seeing if you are a pastor. I have been to many and have actually participated in a bunch. But, regardless, they are always difficult as families go through their painful loss.

On the way from the funeral home to the graveside, our procession was led by a police motorcade.  They helped us get through the busy intersections.

I was incredibly impressed with their precise efficiency as they raced ahead to stop traffic and make way for us to go through each major intersection.  They went about their business without fanfare but the result was that our long caravan smoothly made it to the cemetery.

I think there is a parallel from this idea to our lives. We need to do that for others who are grieving. We need to run interference so that they can deal with their pain. We need to not force them to talk or fill the air with meaningless words. We just need to be that constant presence that allows them opportunities to deal with the death.

We need to be that motorcade that helps them make their way through the broken streets of life!

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