Going, going, gone!  Our kids have come and gone. They came for what seemed like an incredibly short visit and have gone home to their respective homes. Of course, five months would have felt like too short a visit.

Do you know that feeling when you are trying to delay the inevitable as long as possible. You are trying to either hold on to moments and make them last forever or you are avoiding them altogether.

In this case, I wanted to see my time with our kids extended.  But, the harder I tried to hang on, the more it all slipped through my fingers. You can’t stop time, right?  But, that doesn’t stop us from trying.

I guess that is the definition of “loss.” We want to hold onto time or a person or something important to us. And in the blink of the eye, all that can be gone. We hold on but we can’t. It keeps slipping away.

The best we can do is to really enjoy “them” or “it” as the case may be. We need to stop trying to stop time and simply try to live time! When it comes to people especially, the best we can do is to embrace them and enjoy them and then remember them when they are gone and not with us.

I like “Hi’s” a whole lot more than “Goodbyes.” But, saying goodbye can be cool as long as there is a whole lot of living and loving between the two and you have hope for another “Hi” in the future.

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