I like haircuts. I like the experience of going to the barber and sitting in the chair and having the “cutter” go to work. I guess they are really hair stylists and not “cutters” or “barbers” but I guess I like that old term a bit better. With my simple hair style, I think barber is more appropriate terminology.

The place I go to has the added bonus of having sports on the televisions surrounding the chairs. So, even while I await my turn, I get to watch some football or baseball or some other sport. This place was designed with guys in mind. Pretty awesome!

When I am in the chair, we talk about all kinds of things. The only persons that talk more than “stylists” are dentists. Dentists love to stick their hands in your mouth and then ask you all kinds of things. I do enjoy the camaraderie of the “barber” shop. It feels like a family.

One of my favorite parts of getting a haircut is the feeling of having your hair trimmed to that perfect length. The electric razor has been applied. The loose ends have been cut. The neck has been shaved. Even the eyebrows have been shortened.

There is this sense that my hair will not be like this for very long. It will feel great for a few days. In fact, it will be just fine even with a little growth for about two weeks.

About the two week mark (my hair grows quickly) the hair above my ears tends to stick over the ears especially when I smile. The back of my neck begins to look a little raggedy. My brows start to have a few wild ones.

Haircuts are temporary, unless of course you have lost all your hair. That is true for our spiritual lives. We continue to need to keep looking honestly and humbly as ourselves and determine to keep our lives “trimmed.” We need to keep looking for those “wild hairs.” They can sneak up on us. Or, we may wake up one day and have some kind of uncontrollable stuff ¬†going on.

If that happens to you, remember to go to the place that is “sharper than any double edged sword.” That should do the trick!

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