Stuff we hate

There are some things in life that I could live without.  In fact, I am just not sure why they exist.  They simply don’t make sense to me. I am sure they had a purpose at some point and maybe some folks feel differently about them than I do.

They include things like anchovies (bad fish on pizza), scorpions (I am sure they serve some purpose in the food chain but I could do without them), ochre (tastes like eating nothing), pennies (used to be something), cat hotels (come on, really!), bath tubs (really only good if they have jacuzzi jets), El Camino (make it a car or a truck but not both), neckties (why wear stuff that constricts your neck) and people who know it all (unless of course it’s me.)

There are other things but that is a good beginning.  What about you?  What makes little sense to you?

Funny thing about the things I mentioned is that someone out there love those things. Whatever list you come up with is going to be totally different form mine. We may agree on some of them but ultimately someone will think those things are the “bees knees.” Great phrase by the way. Goes right with the phrase “cat’s pajamas.”

You see variety is the spice of life. We all have things that make us smile and we all have things we wish did not exist. That is why so many things exist in this world. Some God made and some in our inventiveness, we have made. They make us smile and shake our heads and sometimes scream in terror. But, all of them have some purpose at least to someone. Don’t throw them away too soon.

Although, I think most people would agree with me that there is absolutely no purpose for standing, driving, sitting in lines of any kind!

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