The Night

Summer is coming to an end! That is a weird thing to say in Phoenix where the day time temperatures are topping out at just under 105. The reason I can make that bold prediction in spite of this evidence is what has been happening at night.

My new community here in the valley of the sun would warn me to not be overly optimistic. They would reason that we won’t see the temperatures during the daytime consistently in the double digits until late October. But, the difference is what is happening at night!

For the last two nights, we have been able to turn off our air conditioning before bedtime and open up the screened in windows. Wow!  By morning the temperatures are dipping down into the low to mid 70’s! The night time air feels heavenly next to what it felt like in July and August where it never felt like it got lower than the high 90’s or even 100’s even past midnight.

The night is cooling off producing something pretty terrific: a gentle breeze! And it feels great! It’s nice to go outside at night and not be sweating still. It’s nice to walk out on the porch after 10 p.m. and stay there and smile. The night time is reminding us now that summer is on the way out.

Some people hate the night, the dark. They would prefer endless daylight. But, they fail to remember that nighttime offers rest and restoration and renewal. We get to close the day out and get some much needed sleep. We get to let go of the sun and its rays so we can cool down.

We all need the night! It may be scary for us since it is rather dark at night. But, the night is a friend. Without it, we couldn’t function at highest capacity during they daylight. The night can be a good thing.

We all go through seasons of “night” or “dark.” Those are times when the way seems less clear and stuff is thrown at you at high speeds. It is that time when you have to hold on tight to the one secure source you have to get you through the night. Jesus! The night is like day to him. He can help you cool down and restore and renew.

This is the anniversary of 9/11, one of the darkest days in U.S. history. It was a horrible season of night for us as people. But, some positive things have come from this horror! People have become more patriotic, more sensitive to others, more ready to receive the one into their lives who turns darkness to light.

Don’t be afraid of the night! It is never completely dark as long as you stay close to Him.  And the resulting growth will amaze you as the darkness teaches you lessons.  The night can be a good thing.

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