What is it with guys and cars? Have you watched how attached they can get to their cars? They moon over them like they were a long lost love! I never really thought I was that kind of guy. I drive a Honda Civic Hybrid for crying out loud! And most of my adult life I drove a mini-van.

There was that time back in my late 30’s where I wanted to have a convertible but I only had enough money for a Ford Taurus. The result was a very cheap Cutlas Sierra that was a chop job. Tough times in car washes! Not a classic by any means.

I found out today, I am that kind of guy. A friend of mine, Pat, loaned me his 1999 Plymouth Prowler. Wow, what a slick machine. Black with a pointy nose and large backside, this baby looks like the old hot-rods from the past and has these cool Indy car style front tires.  And to top it all off (literally) is the fact that it is a convertible.

It really made a few heads turn while I was driving it today with the top down!  I know it sounds like I am smitten.  I guess I am. I never thought a hunk of metal would make me salivate but there you are. And then, there is my dream car, the 1966 or 67 or even 68 mustang convertible, cherry red of course.

I better stop while I am ahead. I think the reason us guys like cars is that it is a symbol of our manliness.  We like the horse power and the beauty and the classic designs. We like the way it makes us feel when we are behind the wheel. We love to feel in control and to feel like we own the road.

Even when we have been tamed down to realize that a mini-van is much more reasonable for a family man, there is something inside of us that shouts to be set free.

I think God created men with this “lion” inside. We were made to be warriors and the warrior wants to slay the dragon and rescue the beauty. Unfortunately, there are not many dragons out there any more and we have forgotten how to “woo” the women in our lives. We allow the lion to come out in all the wrong ways.

Men, it’s OK to be drawn to those cars in our lives as long as it doesn’t go too far. We have to keep it all in perspective and not allow the car’s allure be a substitute for the other aspects of the lion that God created in us.

Don’t let it become an obsession that loses track of the people in our lives who need us to be a real man.  A real man defends the weak, encourages the oppressed, works hard for their family, and yes, defends the women in our lives.

Men, rise up and lead. Rise up and don’t be afraid to be the bold and yet humble men of God!

Thanks Pat for a few days with this roadster.  I will reluctantly return it to you. But, what I really cherish more than anything else is our friendship and the other people, friends and family, in my life. But, a 66 Mustang wouldn’t be so terrible either!


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