On the way home today from an extremely busy day, I was distracted by the guy on the corner advertising pizza. He was flipping it up and around and trying to get people’s attention.  He wasn’t as good as those guys advertising cell phones but he wasn’t bad.

Those guys are actually trained I am told. They don’t actually work for the company they are promoting. They work for a company that actually throws and twists and moves signs for a living. But, it must be contagious because everywhere you look folks are throwing and juggling signs for their companies selling everything from homes to food.

I am not sure when stationary signs became unpopular. Someone in some office some place must have determined that normal billboards or banners or other signage was no longer working.

I am not sure that it is working. Sure, it makes me look but it doesn’t make me buy. It makes me wonder how much the people get paid and if you can work up from amateur sign flipping to professional sign acrobatics.  Who knows? Perhaps, the really good sign folks go to a competition some place to see who’s the best similar to “stomp the yard” competitions. Maybe?

Regardless, I am not a believer that it does more than simply get my attention. Maybe, that’s enough. Perhaps if they can simply “make me look,” then subliminally I will walk one day and purchase a T-mobile phone without even realizing it for a week.

Advertising is a whole lot about exposure to the product. The more exposure, the more you will want it. Or, at least that is the theory.

If it works with products, I wonder if it works in terms of Jesus. If people hang out with us enough, will they want Jesus in their lives? Or, are we advertising a product that is not really our product?  Maybe, we are really just good sign twisters.

Supposedly we have the best “product” ever. It should be natural for us to “promote” it. In fact, if every time people are with us, they sense peace, love and joy, won’t they want what we are “selling?”

I guess my recommendation is this: stop twisting your sign and instead just be real. It will work!  I guarantee it!

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