Amazing diversity!

I haven’t been able to write the last few days since I have been out of town and did not have access to the Internet. Mary and I went to Overgaard, Arizona which is about as different from Phoenix as Tennessee is from Kansas!  It also is almost 6000 feet above sea level so is definitely a bit cooler than the valley where I live. It is also only about 150 miles from where I live.

It was in incredible trip and we were amazed once more that you can travel a mere two to three hours from Phoenix and be in a totally different environment!  Arizona is an amazing state and I am lucky to live here!

Temperatures are about twenty to thirty degrees cooler than Phoenix currently in this place that has majestic ponderosa pines without a cactus in sight. We even sat out one night in front of a camp fire staring at millions of stars and I actually still felt a little cold.  Hard to believe when I came home today to 100 degrees.

Here’s the thing: God created this magnificent planet with incredible diversity. Arizona is a state that amplifies that diversity with the desserts, the mountains, the Grand Canyon, and more.

The more I think about it, the more I am amazed! But, the most amazing part is not the terrain although that is pretty incredible. The true “wow” are the people. Everywhere you turn, you see people from different backgrounds, different passions, different histories, different upbringings, different tastes, different differences…

As incredible as this world is, the most incredible creation is us! We were God’s masterpieces, God’s shining moments, God’s favorites!  I guess it all makes me grateful to meet new people and begin to see what God sees, this amazing potential!  It makes me smile!

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