Back to school

So, today 22 of us from our church joined high school students and their leaders to serve at three local elementary schools. We went with open hearts willing to do whatever the school needed. It was an amazing morning!

At the school that I was assigned, I was led by the principal to the class I was going to serve. It happened to be a kindergarten class room.  I have to admit that I had more glue on my hands than the construction paper with which I was working.

Honestly, it was a fascinating experience watching this teacher lead the class of 27 (without an teacher’s Aid) with an incredible balance of control and fun. And, the kids obviously responded to her methods.  They loved learning!

In fact, I could see why they did. I played this learning game with four or five kids at a time which allowed them the opportunity to memorize letters and numbers and names of their classmates. And they had fun doing it. And they encouraged each other with words like “Good job, Jacob.”

I could tell how much these kids enjoyed life and looked forward to growing and stretching.  They have this great enthusiasm and this thirst for more. They have beautiful smiles and an optimism that is contagious. Things aren’t perfect obviously and they can be selfish. But, they have incredible dreams for their future.

What happens to us as adults? When do we stop believing the best?  Why do we lose our thirst for knowledge? What happened to our freedom to play and reach for all that life has to offer?

Somehow that is knocked out of us by the realities of life. Or, maybe, we simply forget. Or, perhaps, people don’t encourage to dream dreams. Maybe all of the above.

One thing I know for sure. I need to spend more time around kindergartners.  They have something that I used to have and still need in my life.  I want to laugh freely and play with gusto!  I want to dream big dreams!  I have it in me. I just have to let it out more often!

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