We have some out of town guests staying with us this weekend. So, last night and tonight, my wife Mary was making preparations.  Mary and I do this kind of prep work differently from each other.

I am the quick clean artist. It takes me very little time to clean. I specialize in straightening and hiding. I am gifted at placing things where they can’t be seen by ordinary folk. Sure, I also can run a vacuum and throw a rag over a counter top.  A couple well aimed swipes and it’s all good.

My wife on the other hand does what she calls “deep cleaning.” What that means is that she actually gets disinfectant out of the cabinet and reaches for bleach. She mops the floor and polishes furniture and hangs pictures. She will usually wait till the last minute to “straighten” stuff up since she is busy cleaning in the darkest corners of our home.

So, when it comes to our lives, which kind of cleaning would you want. Would you want my style, the quick straightener and surface cleaner or would you prefer the cleaning that gets down to the real dirt and deals with the bacteria that may lay deep in the crevices of our souls?

The first kind of cleaning is quick and easy and will only make you life appear clean. It really is only moving dirt from one spot to another.  The second kind of cleaning is more painful and takes more time but actually gets at the real issues.

God specializes in deep cleaning. Most settle for surface cleaning. Which will you choose?

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