It finally happened yesterday!  After living here in the desert for eleven months and taking many precautions, I finally had the heat take its toll on me.  I became dehydrated.

In spite of all the water I was drinking this day on the golf course, I must have not had enough. I should have had some clues in the dull headache that began to plague me. I should have noticed the fact that I hadn’t been to the restroom for hours. I should have known better!

It snuck up on me. If fact, I wasn’t even fully aware of what was happening to me until later when I went home and could barely get up off the couch. My stomach was queasy and my energy level was totally gone.  I knew I had made a mistake!

It happens and not just with water intake. It happens in our spiritual lives when we allow stuff to sneak in. We fail to balance that out with regular time with God or seeking the support from other Christ followers.

We try to handle the stuff that comes our way but we just don’t have the intake necessary to combat the enemy’s attacks. We get spiritually dehydrated and we get into trouble. Solution is simple. Refill! That is what I did yesterday and today I am doing much better. Lesson learned!

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