Ditch the umbrella!

I am so excited!  It rained today!  Now, for many people that doesn’t give rise to wonderful exclamations of joy. But, when you live in Phoenix, Arizona where it rains only 5-6 days a year, you can get pretty psyched when you see the dark clouds roll in.

The temperature dropped, the rain rolled in, and the sky opened up. It was a beautiful thing. And the smell! I never grow tired of the smell of rain here in the valley. It is fantastic! And the best part, is that we will be able to sleep tonight with the air conditioning off and the windows open! Yahoo!

I was talking to my aunt when a 5-10 minute deluge began. We were heading out to meet Mary, my wife, for her birthday dinner. She went back to retrieve her umbrella. I was surprised that anyone in this town owned a umbrella. Umbrellas? Who needs umbrellas?

I would rather let the water run all over my clothes. In fact, it took incredible restraint for me to not go running and dancing all over the road. What a great feeling!

I guess everyone views rain differently. For some, it means the game won’t be played. For others, it means, crops will grow. Some will try to avoid rain by staying inside or going out while deploying an umbrella. Others (like me) would like to go jump in a few puddles.

Life can throw a few rain clouds at us. OK, in some cases, it is more like some major storms. We tend to try to avoid all that and try to keep it away. But, rain has a benefit. We grow!

Umbrellas deflect rain away. But, maybe we should experience the rain. Perhaps we are missing the best part by not allowing the water to pour on us. Life was not supposed to be avoided. It was supposed to be embraced… even when it rains.

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  1. Katie Steele

    Hey Jim! Today it poured at school! It was amazing! My friends and I were out playing in the rain. I love experiencing the rain and I believe that rain is the best part of life. When it rains, it takes me to another place and I just stand outside and praise God when it rains! It’s truly wonderful!

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