What a great day! If you want to see some pix, check out our North Hills Facebook page. It was a wonderful day with exciting things happening right and left.  God opened up some incredible opportunities for us to be an influence in our community.

One of the unplanned activities for me was the dunk tank. There was a gap in the persons who were slated to be in the tank so I decided to reluctantly volunteer.  After all, all the proceeds goes to families in the area who have significant needs.

So, I entered the fray. I never realized how many “good arms” little kids have and how motivated they can be to get the pastor soaked!  They had to hit this tiny target with a softball. Seemed challenging but they must have been the most talented throwers in the county or extremely lucky.  I must have been in the water more than sitting the “plank.”

I guess the plank is a fitting analogy since looking into those evil eyes of these throwers feels like being on board with “pirates” ready to cast you overboard. You can almost hear them saying “RRRRRRR… walk the plank, ye swabs.”

There is that moment when you go under water when you feel a bit disoriented. Water rushes up your nose and you realize you can’t live under water. In a dunk tank, all you have to do is stand up. Pretty easy, really. But then, its back up on the plank. Not sure which is worse. Once you get used to it, the water feels pretty good. Up on the plank, you have to anticipate the next throw by these hoodlums!

Do you ever feel like that in life? Are you waiting for the very next throw that will cast you into the water and you are gasping for breath trying to keep the water from filling your lungs?  Do you ever feel like as soon as you get used to a certain routine, a certain normalcy, that something comes your way to cause you disorientation.

I think the key in life is the same as a dunk tank. You have to stand back up. Life will hit you with a few fast balls. You have to remember that tough things are not necessary disastrous. You can get back up. You aren’t alone. God is with you, even in the dunk tanks of life.

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