I am a sucker for a happy ending. And, the miners in Chile finally getting released from their 69 day hole in the ground is certainly what I would call reason to celebrate.

2000 feet below ground for over two months and all 33 miners were safely brought up from the dark. I loved the scene of the guy who was shouting excitedly even before the capsule was out of the ground. He was hugging everyone in site including the rescue workers.

The men were squeezed into a compartment 21 inches in diameter but they didn’t seem to mind. Why? Because that small space was the key to freedom. They would have stood on their heads if it meant they would be finally in the light.

As people, we complain a whole bunch about a whole lot of things that are really insignificant. ¬†We don’t like it when we have to wait in traffic or if they mess up our coffee order at Starbucks or our favorite TV show is cancelled.

These guys know what is most important because they experienced something that pressed their lives to the brink. Talk to any parent whose kid is fighting cancer or deal with someone who is out of a job and soon you gain perspective.

Once we come out of dark hole, we can’t help but understand what is really important. Freedom is pretty sweet!

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