Injury report

I love standing on the sidelines at high school football games. It is so much fun watching these guys play their hearts out! But, not all the guys are having a great time. Only eleven guys can play at a time and even if you count the offense, defense and special teams, there are still guys who would rather be playing but have to wait their turn.

But, maybe it even worse for those who were starters but due to an unfortunate turn of events have been injured. Now, they have to be content cheering their team on to victory while they dream of what could have been.

Injuries are tough not only in the game of football. I have observed folks who once were vibrant and live in their walk with Christ who have been sidelined by an injury. Something has occurred that has forced them out of the “game.” ¬†Someone or something has hurt them.

When this happens, we have a choice to make. Will we refuse to address the hurt and remain in pain? Or, will we accept the healing that is readily available to us?

It is really up to us. ¬†Others can help us only to a certain extent. We have to honestly address the source of the injury if we want to get well. We won’t do anyone any good sitting out the game. Jump back in. We need you!

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