Longing to belong

What a great day! It started with the start to our new 28 day to live series. We made commitments to read through the book of Mark together, connecting with God each day, fasting from some stuff and investing in others. We decided to go through this journey as a family. Our lives will be different at the end of 28 days!

It ended with Mary and I getting to know our neighbors on Halloween night as we gave out candy, hot dogs and water. It was truly amazing to see people tonight that we haven’t seen at all.  What appeared to be a calm neighborhood with people staying to themselves changed dramatically at least for this one evening.

Our next door neighbors came over and hung out with us, we got to talk to the folks across the street who have one child and expecting twins in June and we met people from around the neighborhood that previously we hadn’t known at all. Adults were open to each other, kids were laughing, and people were generally excited about life.

I think we ate about 40 dogs, gave away tons of candy and handed out bottles of water by the handful.  We saw our community come to life!  It was amazing. We talked with our neighbors about having a block party and they gave us their extra propane tank when ours ran out. We felt like community.

The best comment for us when the one kid exclaimed about our house after getting whole candy bars and eating some dogs, “Where has this house been all my life on Halloween?”  I felt like we had in one evening created an entry point into our community that hadn’t been possible the first 11 months here in our home.

I discovered today that people desire community deep down in their spirits. Many of us have found that through a church family. If we stay focused on staying connected with one another, something incredibly special is possible.  Others are still longing for it and get glimpses of it on nights like Halloween.

We have a chance as children of the light to spread that light to every part of the community around us. Don’t forget, everyone longs for this idea of family, real community.  Let’s get busy spreading the idea to others!

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