Slur-pees and writers block

I was going to write last night but I had what people call “Writer’s Block.” I guess that is a fancy way to say that I had no idea what to write about. I could have made up something to talk about because I can always talk about something but it would have been nothing… I guess that is a kind of what I am doing right now, isn’t it?

But, writer’s block is actually an interesting phenomenon. I know some of you are thinking that I still don’t have anything to say, so why not talk about not having anything to say. Well, I guess you would be mostly correct.

How often do we try to manufacture something to say when we might be better off simply not saying anything? I think sometimes we feel nervous when there is dead air. We don’t know what to do with silence.

People like me really struggle with this concept since we make a living with our words. I am the kind of guy that can take a simple thing like a slur-pee and talk about it it forever. By the way, bought one on the way home today. They have all these great flavors but I prefer the basic coke. Do you notice how after you finish filling the cup, the liquid stuff keeps moving up to fill the cup and if you put the lid on too soon, it slurps over the side creating an incredible mess on your hand? See what I mean?

Maybe my point is that we might be better off at times not talking or even writing.  It is something people call “listening.”  You might try it sometime.

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