It snowed today in Phoenix!  I know that sounds pretty ridiculous for that to happen in October in the desert. But check out the evidence below:

Ok, I have to be honest. Snow it wasn’t. Huge hunks of hail it was. But, it may be the closest I will get to seeing snow in the valle of the sun!

The weather was wild and crazy today. It started out as a nice rain. But, then the wind picked up and before I knew it, the hail was hitting my car with pellets and even golf ball size ice chunks!

It would have been nicer if I were indoors watching it all unfold. But, I happen to be on the interstate trying to navigate the huge rivers of water flowing over the pavement while hoping my windshield could withstand the onslaught. It did… however, I did have some dents in our car.

Anyway, weird weather patterns like today always give me pause to think. It reminds me that even when everything seems to be going along normally, there will be those occasional out of the ordinary days. There are those times when we are reminded to not assume it will always be the same ol,’ same ol.’

Life really is unpredictable. It makes me excited to be alive and to have God in my life. Who knows what is coming next? I know to keep my eyes open since something new may be coming around the corner and I don’t want to miss a thing! Even snow in Phoenix!

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