On the way home, I passed by a series of walls. I was on the bypass that surrounds Phoenix and was struck by those walls. Now, I think I understand why they are there. I surmise that they help people in subdivisions on the other side of the walls not have to see, smell, or become distracted by cars going 65 (35 or less in rush hour) miles an hour.

The walls create an illusion that nothing is over there. Sure, you may still hear the cars whizzing by on the other side but you can pretend that this is merely white noise and that nothing is really over there.

Of course the cars are there and it would take a mighty powerful imagination to imagine they cease to exist. You or I would have to be pretty oblivious to not realize that a highway is just over the wall. And yet, we do that in our real lives all the time. Let me explain.

We hide behind walls of ignorance for instance. We reason, what we know won’t hurt us. And yet, it does. We choose to ignore the facts that are staring us right in the face and fail to tell ourselves or others the truth.

Or, we hide behind walls of prejudice. We make judgements about others based on race, age, gender or some other “ism” and we fail to open ourselves up to others. We fail to embrace others who are different than we are.

Another dangerous wall is the wall of unresolved issues. These are painful experiences from our past that we haven’t completely dealt with. We hope that we can just put time and distance from us and the source of the hurt but that is impossible. The wall is only a facade. The stuff behind it will eventually leak through as cracks form.

Walls are only incomplete barriers after all. Eventually, we won’t be able to avoid what is behind them. Might as well tear them down ourselves!

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