Cow alert

I am sitting in a Chik-fil-A eating lunch. I just finished some delicious chicken strips and waffle fries.  I am downing some sweet ice tea while listening to the sounds of “neighbors” who are also scarfing various chicken dishes.

Chik-fil-A has some extra sides like fruit and coleslaw but they specialize in one thing: chicken!  They make a big deal of using a cow in their advertising encouraging folks to “eat mor chikin.” In other words, cows are happy with our choice to eat chicken versus chewing on one of them.

Chik-fil-A has done a great job of focusing. They maximize what they are good at and by the sounds of the people chewing near me, they have done a good job maintaining a clear cut mission: try to create the best chicken item at the lowest cost possible! You won’t find a single “burger” on their menu.

They are also a great example of folks who are completely committed to the customer. They create a friendly often fun atmosphere with balloons and banners and decorations and music. The workers have been trained to make you feel special and to make you glad you stopped in.  After all, “It’s a great day at Chik-fil-A.”

I think those of us involved in “church world” can learn a lot from these guys. We must maintain a clear cut focus, a unwavering mission and we must treat our “customer” like they are highly valuable. We need to help those we are trying to reach discover that what we offer will make their world a lot better.

I am not saying that we need to have cows in our parking lots but we do need to clearly understand that we exist for the world.  If we fail to make that our crystal clear objective, we fail… period!

For the church I am involved in, North Hills Church, that means we have to keep asking ourselves the tough questions. Do we understand the needs of the community around us? Are we effectively reaching those needs? Do they feel that we really care about them and who they are and what they face.

Our mission is to help people find freedom. The ultimate question is doggedly and relentlessly evaluating if we are doing that. After all, it is supposed to be a “great day at North Hills!”

Otherwise, we are just a bunch of cows grazing in the field. Moo!!!

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