Day 1: Clearing the Road

Alright, the 28 days to live has officially started!  Yeah baby!  So, this morning I began to read in the book of Mark about John the Baptist and his mission to prepare the way for the Messiah. Then, Jesus is baptized by John and those incredible words from the Father, “You are my loved Son and you bring me great joy.”

I have been thinking all day about how to “clear the road” for Jesus to have best access to me and to others. I know there are things in my pathway that can hinder his involvement in my life; things like anger and unrealistic expectations that ultimately come from a poor self image.

I sound to many like I have it all together but in reality I struggle to get past certain lies from the past. I got to continue to take the broom to that stuff that keeps me from seeing my true worth in God’s eyes.  He speaks those same words to me that He spoke to his son:  “You are my son, Jim, I am pleased with you.”  That is pretty awesome!

I am trying to clear away some other stuff that may keep me from being as focused as I can be on the growth lessons God has for me. So, I am going without caffeine and TV in order to be most effective.

I got to admit this first day is a bear!  I have a tremendous headache and my finger is itching for the remote control.  I think I could touch the remote but… the temptation may be overwhelming.

The point of giving this stuff up is so I can gain a sharper understanding of life!  I get a chance to spend more quality time with others if I am not watching as much TV and shutting down caffeine may actually help me sleep better.

So, as Day 1 comes to an end, I hope that others of you are finding out that these new commitments will change your life!  So, what is clogging up your road?  Isn’t it time to clear it away?

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