Day 13: Lane changes

The other day, I was driving on the I-17 and someone had the audacity to come into the same lane that I was trying to occupy. I was moving into that lane from the right and he from the left. He had the audacity to not only cut me off but to honk at me!

That wasn’t the worse part however. It was what I did afterward. I yelled at the guy and called him a “jerk.”  Of course, he never heard me since my windows were all up, but that is beside the point. I know better. My attitude stunk. I was probably on my way to do “ministry” and here I was acting like a “jerk.”

Today, I am reading about the feeding of the 4000 plus that followed the feeding of the 5000 plus and I get to the next story. It is all about the disciples forgetting to get enough bread and wondering how they are going to feed the crew. Jesus says something deep related to focusing on the main things of life and they thought he was referring to the lack of bread.

They begin to argue among themselves and I am sure a few names were used like “jerkith.”  It just sounds better adding the “th” doesn’t it when talking bible characters?

Jesus was like wondering if they would ever get it. He said something He had just fed a bunch of people a bunch of food with a little bread and fish and now his disciples are arguing over a loaf of bread and who forgot to stop by the grocery store!  Didn’t they get it that he was unconcerned about a little bread since he was the “bread of life.”

So, here I am in traffic forgetting that Jesus died for that guy in the other car and I am putting him down simply because we wanted the same real estate. Who cares who got the lane?

I hate to realize how much I have to learn. I keep trying to keep my ears and eyes open and my mouth shut but that doggone thing keeps escaping!  OK, God, I understand! Or, at least I am trying!

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