Day 14: Find a fork!

I like food! I am constantly amazed by how much I like food. Today, I started out the day with Wheaties with cut up bananas for breakfast; then, ate up some beef stew and some wheat rolls for lunch; followed later by some homemade pizza for dinner and I am finishing off the day with some buttered up popcorn!

Correction, I apparently love food! I love the variety of the food I get to eat. I think I love Italian food most of all with the pastas and the various sauces. But, I also love Mexican food with lots of chips and salsa. I also dig Chinese food like chicken almond ding and a nice egg roll. I can get into Lebanese food, Thai food, Japanese food, and more!

I miss my KC barbecue and have only found a few places that stack up to the pulled pork and the ribs I have had there. I love KC strip steak, corn on the cob, some roast pulled together with some fried red potatoes, some blackened ma hi-ma hi, mashed potatoes with the skins, green beans that are cooked al dente, a juicy burger grilled by my own hand, and some old fashioned homemade vanilla ice cream with strawberries on top.

I guess its pretty clear how much I love food and love the variety. Here’s the thing. Regardless of how many different kinds of food there are to eat, the main thing is to eat. I have to decide to get the food I need to sustain my life. I have to feed myself.

That isn’t just true with physical food. It is also true of spiritual food. Maybe we spend too much time debating the type of spiritual food we are getting and not enough time eating! Its up to us to keep growing and getting healthier and so we got to find our forks and get after it. We got to feed ourselves!

And, one more thing. Tomorrow, I will get up and I will be hungry again. We got to keep eating! Don’t forget that when it comes to your relationship with God too!

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