Day 17: Wash Day

Today, I pulled out three really disheveled one dollar bills to pay for dinner at our church’s cafe.  Great deal! But, I wondered why the money was so wrinkly. And then I remembered. I has washed the money in the laundry.

Now don’t misunderstand. I am not into a “money laundering” operation normally.  I just forgot to take the bills out of the pocket of my jeans.

I often leave stuff in my pockets that inevitably goes through the wash and dry cycle. It is no big deal when it is coinage or golf tees or paper clips.

It is not a good thing at all when it is an ink pen or chewing gum! I have ruined a few good clothes and shirts that way. And, it is a huge bear of a job cleaning up the tub of dryer from ink marks or gum residue.

Back to the money. The three bills were still usable even though they were not as crisp as before. They were still worth the same amount.

It reminds me that when we submit ourselves to God’s cleansing touch, we come out different than before but still worth the same amount. God sees our value before we are clean but it takes the cleansing to unleash our value to be used by him for something powerful!

We have to go through the wash in our lives in order to be ready to be used by God. But don’t ever think you were of lesser value to Him. He accepts you as you are and refines you in order for your true value to become crystal clear.

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