Day 20: Weddings and Funerals

I started the week with a funeral and ended the week with a wedding. Tonight, I was able to “tie the knot” for a young couple under some beautiful trees at a country club. And if you haven’t figured it out, country clubs have one of my favorite things: golf!  Just looking at the course can give me heart palpitations…

OK, I got distracted from my original train of thought. So, I started to think about the similarities and differences of weddings and funerals.  First, the similarities: Both have people at some points crying and other points laughing. Both bring together people who haven’t seen each other for awhile. Both end with folks going and getting some food to eat.  Both give me an opportunity to wear my black suit.

Now, the differences: Funerals are times of grieving over something lost while weddings are times of rejoicing. Although, I am sure parents feel a bit of the sadness as they have to say goodbye to their kids (I can almost hear Tevye warming up to sing “Sunrise, Sunset”)

I am really mushy at weddings as I realize my kids are leaving our home.   I also get that tug in my gut as I say goodbye to all our money!  All fathers of the bride can relate I am sure.

In addition, some funerals I have been times to also celebrate; when the person lived life well and is connected with God!  There are mixed emotions as we realize our loved one is with Jesus and is free from pain and limitations of this world. Right?

So maybe weddings and funerals have more in common than we think. In fact, maybe all of life is this dance between sadness and joy, between laughing and crying, between grieving and rejoicing. It is OK to see some smiles at funerals and see some tears at a wedding. God created us as complex creatures with simple emotions that sometimes vacillate.

It is OK when we aren’t sure what to feel.  God gets it!  He is cool with it! He created us with these wide variety of experiences and emotions for a reason.  He also created a thin curtain between life and death. Life springs from death and death is really only a passageway to life.  There is a sweet rhythm to life on this planet.  Embrace it all!  Feel it all!

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