Day 2: Good and tired!

Well, I am worn out!  It could be the combination of lack of caffeine in my system coupled with my body playing catch up for a busy couple of weeks. Regardless, the result is one tired “pup.”

It has been a good but full day. I spent the morning studying in preparation for a talk I am going to give on Sunday. I headed toward my favorite coffee house. Don’t worry, I don’t drink coffee and settled for a decaffeinated steamer.

In case you didn’t know steamers are basically milk that has been heated up with some flavoring added. I added cinnamon. Afterwards, we had staff meeting and then I had another appointment and on home. Sounds real exciting, I know.

But, now even though it is only about 7:30 p.m., I can barely keep my eyes opened. I think I will soon be sawing logs in my nice, comfortable bed.  Today, I read in Mark about Jesus’ call to his first disciples to follow him. He took them away from their ordinary lives as fishermen to their new lives as fishers after men.

I had this thought the other day about my real purpose in life. Sometimes at my age, I look ahead toward retirement. My next door neighbor thought I was already retired and had thought how lucky I was to retire at a relatively young age. Actually, I think she thought I was a lot older than I am. I just added this thought or preserve my dignity..

I have come to recognize however that I can never retire from ministry. My ministry might take a different shape in the future.  I might not even get paid somewhere down the road, but I will always have a mission that calls me to some person that needs what I have.

Maybe, that’s why I am tired. Maybe, its a good tired. I might just be getting the idea that everywhere I go to coffee shops and restaurants and gas stations and the neighborhood, there are people who need the freedom I possess.  Maybe, its a good thing I am tired. It might be a sign that I am on the right track and expending energy in a way that makes a difference.

Or, it could be that I am detoxing from my heavy Pepsi habit. Regardless, I think I better head for the sheets. I can see another long day on the horizon!

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