Day 21: God Speaks

This morning we had a wonderful worship experience!  During the morning worship I glanced over toward our deaf and hard of hearing interpreters. They were busy as usual trying to communicate in ways that allow those who cannot hear an opportunity to worship and receive God’s word.

Today was unique however. One of the interpreters was sitting in front of a woman knee to knee as they faced one another. They were touching hands in way that appeared like an elaborate game. But, this was no game.

I recalled that this woman who occasionally worships with us was both deaf and blind. She had somehow been taught sign language and the interpreter was making signs with her hands as she touched the woman’s hands. Through this use of human touch, she was communicating what we were trying to say, what we were singing.

It was amazing! It made me marvel at the varieties of ways God communicates with us his hope, his truth! Someone who has lost two of her five senses, now depends on the sense of touch to hear of God, his ways and his love. And by this simple act of touch, she also feels the love of the person sitting across from her who would share these things with her.

I guess it shouldn’t surprise me that much. For even when a word isn’t spoken, I can feel the love of a friend or my wife or my family by a simple hug. And, in that act, feel the love of the one true God.

Maybe, the point is that I should never take for granted any way that God communicates with his people. We are used to the use of sight or ears. But, in addition to touch, he uses smell and taste. We smell the flower or freshly baked bread and can understand the realness of God. We taste the sweet strawberry or the sweet kiss of our spouse and realize that God is speaking!

God speaks through every possible means to help us know Him and know each other. The only question left is this, “Are we listening?” This woman taught me today to pay attention. She couldn’t hear or see the signs and yet she received the message.  I wonder how much I am missing.  As you finish out these 28 days, remember that God is speaking! Tune in!

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