Day 22 and 23: Airport lessons

I was unable to write my blog yesterday due to an all day of travels from Phoenix to Indiana. The airport in Milwaukee did not offer free Wi-Fi, so I was stuck. Literally!  We were in the airport there due to weather issues for almost 5 hours!

So, that gave me a bunch of time to “people watch.”  I enjoy watching people in airports wondering where they are going and what they are trying to do with their lives. You see all kinds of people from very young to very old. But, my favorite people to watch are young kids. It may have to do with my first grand babies arriving next year!

So, one of the kids I watched was fascinated by this little mechanical toy cow that was rolling around laughing. In fact, we saw a bunch of cows and cheese in the gift shops of the airport. It is Wisconsin after all! Green Bay and the cheese heads are very popular. What else do they have to focus on after all?

So, this little bitty one year old girl was laughing with this little rolling, chuckling cow. I could have watched them for hours! I mean a giggling kid is hard to resist.

Later, I wandered down the hallway looking for something to do with my time and saw this little boy probably aged 3-4 that was upside down on one of the chairs. He basically was standing on his head with his legs extended in the air wiggling all over the place. Again, I couldn’t help but smile as I watched this kid play!

Then, there was final little girl who was with her parents and was pointing excitedly at every new thing she saw. She was so full of life that it was contagious.

All of these “sightings” reminded me of how God wants us to respond to him regardless of our age. Kids have the capacity to simply squeeze the life out of every moment. Why is it so difficult for us adults to do the same?

I guess it would be weird to catch one of us standing on our heads in a chair or rolling around on the floor laughing or pointing at every thing as if we saw it for the first time. But, is it possible by being conventional, we are missing something?

In chapter 14 of Mark, the woman comes to Jesus with an alabaster jar of perfume. In humility and authenticity, she begins to anoint his head with this expensive gift. I think she got what little kids understand intuitively.

We have an opportunity to embrace the incredible goodness of God every day, to come to him with an openness, transparency, and enthusiasm discovering a “parent” who is always ready to listen to us. He wants to help us discover the fullness of life that includes playfulness and laughter and exploration. What are we waiting for?

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