Day 26: Black Friday

This is often called “Black Friday” in America. I am not sure who coined the phrase but it sure is accurate. It is the day after Thanksgiving and the day that retailers go all out trying to convince you that their “sweet deals” are worth you getting up at 4 or 5 am and to fight the crowds.

I am definitely not the type to shed my covers on a day off like today and head out to face the insanity. My wife on the other hand has not such convictions. She and our three girls got up and headed out this morning.

I am not sure it was worth it hearing them talk about their experience once they returned. They didn’t purchase a bunch and spent more time on return talking about the “crazies” they encountered during their adventure.

Why do we do this kind of stuff?  Who has convinced us that it is worth it? What an incredibly convincing marketing plan to get millions to hit the bricks at such an early day when they should be sleeping off their turkey binging.

It all kind of makes me shake my head. I am not trying to be overly critical since in years past I have been one of the crazies. But, in recent years, I have begun to wonder why we put such emphasis on stuff.

We are beginning a new teaching series soon ( that will look at a more sensible approach to Christmas.

Again, I am not saying that we shouldn’t buy gifts for others or even that we shouldn’t get up early to hit the stores. Mary will probably get up early next year as well.  She actually loves the wildness of it all!

I am just asking if we are missing something, beyond sleep. Maybe, its time to reevaluate a bit. Give it some thought…

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