Day 28: Leftovers

What an incredible day today! We had a wonderful worship service at our church followed by a great “leftovers lunch” and baptism.

What a great way to end the 28 days to live series! We had 10 folks baptized today and demonstrate how they sense God is changing their lives!  Awesome to support these guys as part of their extended family!

Sounds strange I guess but we had a tremendous response to people coming together and hanging out and chowing on leftovers from Thanksgiving. We pooled our resources and it was pretty cool!

It was a great way to maximize food. And, it was a great way to use up some our leftovers that might have just stayed in our fridge until we threw them away. Great way to avoid that science experiment forming in our kitchens!

We had more food this time than any other potluck dinner.  It felt kind of like the stories in Mark about Jesus feeding the crowd and collecting the leftovers! For some reason, it was important for him to keep those things, maybe as a reminder to not waste anything.

So, here’s the question that is going through my head: What is leftover after the 28 days? What are we taking away from this experience? How does it become part of the journey versus just something we do for a little bit and then it is “business as usual.”

No experience is wasted unless we fail to “collect it” or in other words, make it count. Some of us fasted from stuff, for instance, that we have determined to quit for good. For me giving up TV and caffeine for awhile showed me how less important they are to more important things in life, like hanging out with people I love. I don’t want to forget that lesson!

I am sitting here some leftover lasagna while I blog and it tastes great! Leftovers can be an awesome thing especially when they are lessons we carry away from simply living life fully!

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