Day 3: Crazy love!

So, I am winding down day 3 of the journey. What a crazy long day!  I still have one final appointment before I head home and I am ready!  I just finished teaching a class that helps people match their greatest passions with the world’s greatest needs.  I love helping people reach their full potential in Christ and in life!

So, today, I was reading about the paralyzed guy who was brought to Jesus by four friends.  I love that story! I love it because the dudes wouldn’t take “no” for an answer. They saw the obstacles, the crowd, and did something totally unorthodox.  They resorted to vandalism.  That’s right!  They made a hole in the roof and lowered their friend to Jesus.

I love it since it was so “out of the box.”  It was unconventional. It was wild and crazy.  It sounds like something I might try. The key was that Jesus saw these guys faith not the dude on the litter. He forgave the guys sins and gave him his legs back.  And it happened because he had some friends that believed so much in Jesus that they knew all they had to do was get him close to Jesus and he would find freedom!

Isn’t that what we are supposed to be all about?  Aren’t we supposed to put aside the ordinary means and do whatever is necessary to get our friends, neighbors, family, etc. to Jesus?  Aren’t we supposed to live in such a way that people can’t help but notice His love in us?  Doesn’t that mean that we have to get close and personal and show them we genuinely like them?

I love the final response of the crowd that day. They said that they hadn’t seen anything like this before!  I love those words!  I want to hear those words from the crowd today!  I want to hear people in my community be blown away by the love bouncing off my life to the point that they can’t believe what they are seeing.  I want  the people in the community around my church to see God’s love stretching toward them from people who really do care about them and their needs!

I am holding out to hear those words!  I believe I will someday.  I can’t wait!

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