Day 5: Groups

I am hanging out at a local Starbucks right now outside on the patio.  Don’t worry, no caffeine. Plus, I gave up coffee a long time ago. Correction, I never had anything to give up.  I like the smell, but after that you can forget it.  So, I am absolutely not tempted one bit.

Interesting thing about TV however. Everywhere I go there are TVs. I was at my local workout spot early this morning and TVs were everywhere! I had to avert my eyes like I was doing something wrong. Weird! The other day there was even a TV in the men’s room of the golf course. Weird!

Group last night was incredible!  We have a group that meets at our house; mostly 20 somethings and a couple early 30 somethings. And then there is Mary and I. We don’t feel old until in spite of the fact that several of them are the age of our kids!

The group is so crazy honest!  We spent almost an hour and half just catching up on what is going on in all of our lives. And I am not talking surface conversations.  These were gut level stuff dealing with hurts and pains, joys and victories.

Then we prayed for each other before our fifteen minute lesson.  That was all the time we had for the lesson due to the lateness of the hour and the fact that there was still pecan pie waiting!  Priorities after all.

I think one of the best parts of the 28 days for you would be to get in a group like this and hang out and talk and share and discuss and pray and laugh and cry and all that good stuff!  If you are missing out on a group, then you are… missing out!

None of us can get through life’s journey without a spiritual support system. And a group will definitely maximize the life change possibilities.

Well, the day is beautiful and there are more people to watch and non-caffeine drinks to lap up. What I would give for an ice cold pepsi right now!  Oh well, it will be worth it!

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