Day 6: Anniversary

So, I am coming to the end of day 6 of the 28 days and I am ready to go to sleep and pretend that I am getting the extra hour of sleep that the rest of the country is enjoying.  Most of the country is setting their clocks back one hour.

In Arizona we don’t “fall back” like the rest of the country as they say goodbye to day light savings time. As my new state mates have reminded me, when you have the kind of heat like we do out here in July and August, you don’t want to save daylight!

We also are celebrating our first year here in Arizona! It has been an incredible year!  I am constantly amazed that God has planted us here in the valley of the sun. And now, that we are in November again, the weather is really super great!

We went out with friends tonight and I remarked about the great cool evening… it is right in the middle to upper 70’s.  Not bad for 8:00 at night!   And don’t even get me started talking about the sunsets this time of year or the hot air balloons seen in the early morning hours.

I am a nature guy. I enjoy the outdoors. I love looking at mountains and lakes and deserts.  The more I get to know Arizona, the more I fall in love with it!  It is like an undiscovered country to me!

I sometimes look at the terrain and still have to pinch myself to make myself believe we are not still tourists here.  In fact, now that we are past year one, you could almost call us “regular customers.”

And, its not just the picturesque landscape that makes me get all “warm and tingly.” It is the people!  We have fallen in love with the people here in Phoenix!  I just love the opportunity to hang out with folks and get to know them and hear their hearts and see their distinctions.

I long to go deeper and get to know true hearts of the people here. We have been transplanted. We are ready to connect our future with the future of the people here.  Who knows what is coming next? Regardless, we are ready!  Bring it on!

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