Day 7: New day

I was in my office this morning preparing for the morning service when it dawned on me. It was time to take down some old pictures I had on my wall. They are actually framed posters representing a time in my life when I was leading a national youth convention. The last convention was exactly ten years ago. I think it is time to move on!

That is the trouble with past victories. They are in the past. They are fond memories for me but they no longer are present day realities. I like to look back on those days but I can’t get stuck in those days.

I was thinking about all of this when I looked up at the fluorescent lights in my office. I noticed some dark smudges in the light cases. I immediately realized they are dead moths and other insects and made a mental note to clean those cases soon.

For some reason or another those moths were attracted to the light but apparently got too close. They stayed too long near the heat. They must have gotten fried. Not a pleasant thought but it does relate I think to what I am doing with these old posters.

You see, old victories are wonderful to reflect on. But, if we stay too long in the glow of those memories, we can forget to move on toward new ones. We forget to keep stretching and growing and changing. We begin to slowly but surely die.

I am looking forward not backward. I am excited about what is coming next. These 28 days are a reminder to me to keep my heart open to change. There is something new coming my way if I have the ears to hear and eyes to see. (By the way, Jesus says that several times in Mark).

So, the posters come down. And so do the dead moths. It’s time to see what is around the next corner!

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