Day 9: Life Construction

Tonight on my way home, I traveled the route that I choose probably 75 % of the time. At times, I get bored and will try different routes home, hoping to beat my own record for getting there faster while changing my view of things. I know, I know, everything is a competition for some folks!

This time part of the route went through a construction area. It was a one mile stretch on a road called “Happy Valley.” Needless to say, no speed records tonight. In fact, they had completely stripped down the old road taking off the top layer of pavement, presumably to add a new fresh layer.

However, in its current state the road leaves a great deal to be desired. The road is down to one lane and that lane is bumpy and slow. It is all a bit inconvenient but I know it will result in a much smoother and safer ride in the near future.  Obviously, the old road was causing some problems for maximum road experiences. The deconstruction and reconstruction plays havoc with my route taking but it will be worth it in the long run.

That axiom stands true for our lives as well. We often have to strip off the old layer of stuff that might be slowing us down or keeping us from the maximum life experience.  We have to remove that part in order to construct something that will make our lives more complete and targeted.

Life deconstruction like road deconstruction won’t always feel good at the time. It may cause some slow downs. We might have to face some stuff that isn’t always easy to look at. But, we have to do it if we want the final result:  a newly formed piece of “road” that will help us in our journeys.

During these 28 days, you may need to take a hard look at some stuff and decide to strip off those layers that are keeping you from living life to the max. That is what the woman had to do in chapter 5. She had to venture into the crowd and face all the past rejections and failures in order to ultimately find healing.

You won’t get to enjoy the changed life until you do so. Set up the road construction signs, guys and get to work! Trust me! It will be worth it!

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